Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When words are few, pictures will do!

Someday soon I will post something really great. Until then, you get a lot of pictures. And mainly pictures of our little family.

What else would I take pictures of?!!?

A giraffe. And chalk. A good combo, I'd say!
Patrick diligently shaved Piper on Saturday. Piper was so patient {for once!} and there was a lot of hair on this dog. But I'm glad it's gone. Better in the trash than on my floors. The only negative to this is that our dog looks like he has a crazy hair/skin disease.

Playing with a very large stick....I mean sword.
Can you see that face? It's intense and very boy like.
He. melts. my. heart.
There may not be too much room on my lap, but my legs will do just fine :)
I forgot to have Patrick take a picture of me and B on Mother's Day. I just don't like when that happens. BUT I did get these fantastic pictures of my boys!!!