Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Andrew @ 6 weeks

The last six weeks have flown by! Seriously, with Benjamin by six weeks it felt like six weeks. With Andrew, I'm still amazed he's even here. Maybe because he's more quiet than Benjamin :) Either way, my baby is six weeks old.

The transition has still been pretty good. Since I was expecting the worse, I've been {continually} pleasantly surprised. It helps that I'm more laid back, that Andrew is super chill and that my hormones don't rage anymore. {Praise the LORD!} With so much help for three weeks, the last week has been kind of a let down. But we're trucking along and learning new things everyday. The Lord us very kind to us, friends. Very, very kind.

Okay - about Andrew:
*I want terribly to have a great nickname for him. But, alas, I call him Andrew or brother or baby boy. I do call him "Drew baby" sometimes - especially when he's being extra cute. I think he looks more like a Drew than Andrew, but whatever. Also, when I'm writing about him {in a text or email, say} I call him AR. I'm trying to work those initials into my vocab, but it sounds funny.

*When I weighed him yesterday he was {deep sigh} 11 pounds 4 ounces. Holy weight gain! Right? My milk must be a super food because, as we all know, my boys are not tiny or petite!

*Andrew measures 23 1/2 inches, best I can tell. And he is long! He just looks long. Just tonight Andrew was laying on the couch and Patrick said, "he sure is a long baby." Agreed.

*Andrew smiles like crazy! It's so sweet. And good for the soul. He makes little baby noises, especially if B is being loud and insane nearby. He'll coo or grunt. At least he's willing to make himself known. I was worried he wouldn't talk until he was 12.

*I tell my baby boy on a very regular basis what a joy he is to me. The Lord knew just what I needed in this baby and he is all that he is suppose to be. He is content. He's so peaceful and full of little baby joy. He is starving - always. He is a good sleeper. He is alert, observant and quiet. I cannot wait to see what this sweet boy grows up to be!

Also, how could I tell you about Andrew {errr, AR...Drew baby} without some great pictures. I took these today. As he was laying there Benjamin and I were hunting dragons and building a cave. He must have thought we were fantastically entertaining! And then I got in his face and talked to him and smiled at him and he went happy-crazy on me! I love it!!!

little smiles...
smirky baby...

Just sucking on his arm...
getting tired of pictures...
big laughs!
and a short break.
one last smile!

Oh. my. soul. I love this boy!!!


mama cindy said...

oh lord, that baby is a cutie pie. Great pictures as always. I'm sure this week has been rough on everyone. You will survive!!! You are a champ.

jmiller said...

What a sweetie! My nickname for my Andrew/Drew -- "Drewber". Well, not any more; he's a bit grown up for that now! Four weeks til HE'S a daddy!!