Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sleepy baby and a sporty toddler...

First, here are a few pictures of Andrew. He does not mind tummy time and he is starting to have more awake times during the day. Which is nice, but a little harder :) He also sleeps on the boppy a lot. It's just so much easier to have him nearby than to put him in the bassinet in our room all the time. And when he's snuggled up in there, he just looks so stinking cute! :)

Now, onto Benjamin. He's been a pretty sporty guy lately. He loves playing with his soccer ball. We're still trying to teach him to use his feet instead of his hands! :)
And he recently got a baseball and bat. Ummm...little boy heaven, people! Patrick made a make shift tee in the back yard to help B learn to swing. He's really good! And he's got a great arm. Watch out if he has a ball in hand. Seriously, I duck or cover my head on several occasions.

We're busy bees over here. Life goes on, as usual, even after another baby comes along. Although, it's much easier for life to go on when you already have one child around. I remember how hard it was to adjust to life being "normal" with a new baby. Now, we're old pros ;) {juuuuuuuuuust kidding! Michelle Duggar is an old pro...we are just adjusting as best as we can!}


Jeannie said...

This reminds me of the toddler days with Greggie when he used to LOVE "golfing" in the yard. I had to be so alert 'cause he could knock me unconscious with some of his swings!!

Courtney said...

I LOVE how Andrew sleeps with his arms up by his head. So cute!