Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family of four...

Being a foursome has it's ups and downs. But I like it. Looking back, when there were just three of us, we just seem incomplete. I suppose it will always feel that way when a new little one makes it's way into our family. And we're certainly not done yet! We would love to have a few more kiddos. Although Patrick is quite convinced that I will not be pregnant anymore {that's what a lot of hormones and emotional instability will get you!}, while I wouldn't mind it in the slightest {oh, ok, maybe the slightest}. We do want to adopt in the near future and are so blessed to know so many who have adopted recently.

I digress. How did I get this far away from my original thought?!

I like being a family of four.
I like the way Patrick gets one babe and I get another.
I like how four feels right now.

But I still think it's too quiet around here.

As we add children to our brood, I realize getting a decent family picture will become more and more difficult. Just as Benjamin has started saying "cheese" and kind of looking at the camera, we add a new bundle that can't hold his head up {let alone hold it toward a flashing light!}. But in an effort to record memories and have at least a few family pictures - here are just a few we've attempted to get in the last six weeks!

Brand new in seven hours into it!
Just hanging out {thanks for taking the picture, Kate!}
Father's Day family picture photo shoot. Seriously, there are about 12 of these and I should have just posted the progress to get to these two pictures. Struggle! {thanks, mom for taking these pictures!}
That's pretty good, I'd say!
Truth: I cropped my mom and John out of this picture. See their arms? I just thought it was a good picture with little effort! Plus, look at sweet Andrew looking up at me like I'm the most fantastic thing in the world. I love that about babies :)

Ah well. We'll keep trying ;)

Although, I have to say, I love all the out takes and silly pictures we end up with.
It's real life.
It's everyday chaos.
It's how we are.
And I never want to miss that.

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