Thursday, November 17, 2011

Andrew * 6 Months

Today Andrew is six months old. Really? I'm convinced that the second child grows up much faster than the first. How can this be?

Either way, Andrew is such a joy. He is such a pleasant and content baby. He rarely cries to cry. There is always a reason. He smiles much and laughs often. I certainly hope and pray that those traits will continue with him his whole life.

His check up isn't until next week, but I guarantee that he's huge :) Weighing around 18 pounds and measuring about 26 1/2 inches -- I'd guess. I could measure him, but he's in the bath tub now and I don't want to interrupt that fun time for him!

Andrew -- bugaboo, brother, brother bear -- loves his Benjamin. He always tries to grab him and be near him. B likes it most of the time. They both love my lap, though, and that can make things difficult. AR is a very good sleeper {Praise Jesus!!!} and is very easy going. He can sit up well and rolls everywhere. I never know where I'll find him or in what position!

We gave Andrew solid food earlier than we did B. Well, kind of. Our pediatrician recommended starting veggies before any cereal {to help off set any potential allergies}. B started cereal around 5 1/2 months and veggies around six months. AR had green beans around 5 1/2 months. He enjoyed the process. He was a mess. He lost interest really quickly.

I've given him peas and sweet potatoes and wee little bit of rice cereal. But over the course of almost two and a half weeks. I'm not concerned -- I'll start feeding him solid food consistently soon, maybe :) He still nurses around eight times a day, I think. I don't count. I just feed him whenever he wants to eat.

And here are some pictures of this sweet baby boy. We love him! I'm so grateful that the Lord saw it fit that I get to be his momma. And I just can't tell you how lucky both boys are to have Patrick for a daddy. Friends, the Lord has been so kind to us!

Daddy feeding AR green beans for the first time!
Hey Morgan -- we love this bib!
Happy while eating!
Messy baby
He really just wanted the spoon ;)
Ugh. Adorable!

6 month day!
Benjamin trying to hold him, Andrew grabbing his shirt. Benjamin not liking that he's grabbing his shirt.
Those eyes!
Always smiling, I tell you!
Sweet baby.

He loves his toes!

You're a blessing, a treasure and a joy to us, Andrew Reid!!!

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