Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We threw a party.

And by "we", I mean Patrick :)

I asked for a surprise party this year. It is my 30th year, friends {more about that on Friday}. Patrick does not like parties -- being at them, especially not throwing them. His ISTJ self is not wired to throw and enjoy parties. But that man, my sweet, sweet man, stepped out of his comfort zone and surprised me!

And it was wonderful.

Kent and Sarah were here, which was even more fun. And so many friends stood in my living room, making me feel like the most loved person ever! I was "tricked" into spending the day at the outlets and Sarah and Megan didn't make me think twice about what we were really doing. Sneaky, sneaky people! I'm so grateful to everyone who helped Patrick and came to celebrate me.

Either way, I was surprised. Scared a little, even. And I couldn't be a luckier girl. My love, my boys, and dear friends surrounded me to make sure I knew that I was loved.

What a treasure. What a blessing.

And here are some pictures, thanks to Kent! I do remember the flashing as soon as I walked in -- I'm glad he was ready!

Probably saying, "sneaky, sneaky people!!"
B greeted me right away. And AR is lucky he was in his car seat or I may have dropped him.
Sneaky planner.
Talking to Jamie. Too bad you can't see the incredible cake that Christy brought. Ugh. That thing was gorgeous and tasted wonderful! Please note: My blue kitchen with white cupboards!
I love them.
Sweeeet husband!
" Wuv. True wuv."
Yeah for 30! Yeah for surprises! Yeah for an incredible husband! Yeah for great friends!

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mama cindy said...

Looks like you were very surprised!!! Good job Patrick!!! and a fun time was had by all....