Monday, November 14, 2011

Country roads...

The boys and I went to Morgantown for a week. In fact, I posted a few pictures and such while I was there. But here are some more pictures. It was so nice to see family and especially fun to introduce AR to friends and family who had not met him!
Mountaineer game = highlight! I love WVU football games and it was so fun to take the boys to the first game, ever! Benjamin loved the marching band and it was sweet to be able to tell him that daddy played in the band during his undergrad at WVU.
Group shot. By a very nice intoxicated lady.
I love this picture. Uncle Kent had to help him out, but once he got the idea it made for a great picture!
Riding the PRT = Benjamin's highlight! He called it the train and LOVED every second. Waiting, getting on, riding. Definitely something we can do every time we go back to Morgantown!
There was so much to see as we rode along!
My mom was so sweet to host a get together for all of our extended family and friends to meet Andrew. And to see Benjamin, of course! It was nice to see everyone! This is my Uncle Dale, Uncle Delbert and cousin, Audrey -- with the boys.
We got to see my sister several times, which we all loved! Here she is with the boys. It was so difficult to get Benjamin to sit still in a picture! But it turned out rather cute, I'd say :)
My mom, me and the boys! The weather was great while we were there -- we were outside a lot!
Gramma, Pap-pap and the boys.

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