Sunday, November 13, 2011

SO much to say...

The last few weeks have been busy. Not "jam packed schedule, no time at all" busy. Just "life is moving fast and I'm not going to miss it" busy. Don't you love when you realize that little moments in life are just not worth missing? God is kind to reveal these things if you let Him.

I have so many pictures to post, so many moments to note. We went to West Virginia, we played with play-doh, we found a new grocery store, we've built a lot of caves, we've hung out with friends, we've had impromptu photo shoots, we've learned and cried and shared and grown, we've had company, we had a party. We've just been doing life. Little by little day by day.

Something I will note though: November is a good month. Kent and Sarah just left from a quick visit. Patrick threw me a surprise 30th birthday. Andrew turns 6 months old on Thursday. My 30th birthday is Friday. I'm running a half marathon on Sunday. And, best of all, I get to celebrate SEVEN years of marriage to the most incredible man in the world. Yep, November is a good month, friends.

Okay. All of my boys just woke up from a sweet Sunday nap and I need to cool down from a six mile run. I'll say more another day :) Enjoy those little moments today!

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