Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just another Saturday...

People. I am putting this video on my blog per request of my incredible, brave husband. Be warned, this is gross.

For a little background information:
The toilet backed up yesterday morning. I tried to flush and plunge, but that didn't work. Patrick tried, too, but it was still backed up. We asked B if he put anything into the toilet and he assured us that he definitely flushed a race car. Patrick prepared the toilet for car removal and we flipped it over -- to find A TAIL!

Here is the exact conversation:
Me: What is that thing? It looks like a tail!
P: It IS a tail.
Me: Oh my soul. Oh my gosh. That's disgusting.

After I was done flipping out and removed Benjamin from the bathroom {he was very interested in being apart of this endeavor!}, Patrick asked me to video the ordeal.

Watch as Patrick discovers what was clogging our toilet! For the record, it definitely was not a race car :) Benjamin has been warned, though, to not put ANYTHING in the toilet -- ever!

Just another Saturday in suburbia, folks!


Courtney said...

Eeeee! I laughed through the whole video, in a "I'm so glad that's not at my house" way. We did have a rat in our basement sewer pipes a few years back but thank goodness it never ended up in the toilet!

Long-Suffering Heart said...

I'll take your word for it that it is gross and not watch it, my stomach can't take much grossness these days!! :)

Kristin said...

Utterly and completely disgusting! I could never have even stayed in the house for that removal....let alone video tape it!!

T@R@ said...

Jamie and I "watched" this together and by that I mean he watched and I intermittently covered my eyes. ;)

Anonymous said...

You have one amazingly strong and handsome husband!!

mama cindy said...

I forgot to comment last night.....OMG how gross!!! Patrick is a hero!!! I think that this video is worth at least 10,000 thousand dollars in Americas Funniest Videos!!! Love you!

Nathan & Sarah said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That thing was huge! I did laugh though. How in the world did it get up there? I'm so glad Patrick was there to do that for you. (And I love how Benjamin kept coming in to see what his Daddy was doing... such a boy)

Cole said...

HA-made my morning. I was at the Taylors when we discovered a squirrel in the chimney of their wood stove. Smell was awful!

Hope you all are doing well.