Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear PBS kids...

Dear PBS kids --

I'm so grateful for you. Your shows are solid -- minus Arthur, but now is not the time to go into that -- and my children love them.  You teach a lot of great things and have little exercise dances. I'm a little annoyed that I sing the Caillou song when I'm in the shower and that I'm still trying to figure out the words to the Curious George theme song.  Such is the life of this momma.

Thanks for showing The Electric Company daily.  I love the beat boxing and rapping.  Even though the show is for fifth graders, I still like to watch it.

Also, thank you for having a regular line-up on the weekends.  What. a. blessing.

Clearly, my children are watching way too much TV.  But I'm over that and in the next season of our lives, we'll play outside more.

Can I have Rosa's job when she's done?


P.S. Please high five your main squeeze, PBS, and thank them for showing Antique Roadshow and This Old House often.  Can I have an, "I heart PBS" t-shirt? Thank you in advance :)

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Jeannie said...

Oh my gosh, I hear you! It's the best. Two points for SuperWhy and Wild Kratts, too.