Monday, January 9, 2012

Half eaten apples...

We have a two tiered fruit stand in our kitchen.  It used to be on the counter top, but was moved to my desk recently.  I didn't think much of it when I moved it, but it offered me more space on the counter tops.  It also happens to be the perfect height for Benjamin to reach.  So pretty often I will find half eaten apples or pears laying around the house.

He's always very proud that he can get his own snack.  I'm mainly annoyed that there is a half eaten piece of fruit laying around.  Boys.

All of this is good background for the real point of my post.  Benjamin came into my room this morning around 6am.  He tried to talk me out of bed, I tried -- as usual -- to talk him into getting into bed with me and going back to sleep.  {He wins, most mornings, because once this boy is awake -- HE. IS. AWAKE.} This morning was unfortunate because B was being rather disobedient, so we started off with a lot of discipline.  I told B he needed to go out and sit on the couch and think about his attitude and how disrespectful and disobedient he was being.  He relented and requested his apple.

Huh?  What apple?  Oh.  The apple he got and started eating before he woke me up. That apple.  Fine.

Fast forward to nap time.  I hear my oldest jump out of bed and romp around his room for a bit.  I had laid down in my bed just a  few minutes before so I decided to keep resting and let him play for a while.  After about twenty minutes of listening to loud thumps and bumps, I got up and was walking to the kitchen to start dinner.

Before I could make it too far, in walks a naked {well, diapered} Benjamin holding jammies that he clearly picked out.  I jumped {because he startled me} and he laughed a little and told me he picked out jammies with a super hero on them.

"Where are your clothes?", I asked.
"Upstairs.  I got new jammies. I want to wear them.", he replied.
"Sure. Let's change your diaper and put on these new clothes!" -- pause with inquistive look --"So, what happened to your other clothes?"
"My shirt is all wet.  I needed a new one."
"Oh. I see. {more pausing} Why is your shirt wet?"
"Because I ate a pear." -- insert cute, proud smile -- "My belly is full now."

Sure enough the last pear was gone and we went upstairs to find it.  As I assumed, there was a half eaten pear in his bed -- which I finished -- and his clothes and sheets were wet.  You can't argue with a juicy pear.  They are the best.

I laughed out loud a few times during our discussion and exploring.  This boy, he's beyond words.  He's so honest.  He's so genuine.  He's so curious.  {All things I've prayed for him so many times.}  He's so sweet, really.  He came downstairs and didn't see me, so he got a pear and went back into his bed and ate his snack until he was ready for me.  It's so independent of him, yet so innocent and toddler-ish.  I love him.

I smile when I think of his little personality.  I giggle when I think about singing together.  I shake my head when I remember his struggle with patience and obedience and making right choices {you know, being two}.  And these moments, so quick and so quiet, fade away faster and faster.  I need to remember sweet conversations like this because it won't be long before he's grown and not nearly as innocent.

Until then, I will remember days like today.  And I will cherish tender moments that the Lord has chosen to give me -- a simple, sinful, oh-so-lucky momma.

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