Monday, February 20, 2012

9 Months. {ARM}

Because I've been awful with monthly updates about Andrew and posting up to date pictures -- I am dedicating this entire post to my baby boy.  Although, I don't think I can fully describe him with words.  You'll just have to come over for a few days and see him for yourself ;)

So, these are not edited -- I'm sorry.  And some of them are blurry.  It's just that, Andrew is blurry.  He moves so fast and so often that he's usually in the corner of my eye.  Sometimes he's crying -- trying to find me.  Sometimes he's giggling -- playing with something.  Sometimes he's babbling -- proud of himself to be standing/eating a cheerio/doing something he shouldn't be doing.

Andrew is all boy.  The next two pictures show you his first fight with the floor -- bloody nose, rug burn on his forehead and nose, bruise on his cheek.  He took it like a champ, I hear.  He was in the nursery at church -- being squirrley and trying to walk.  Per usual :)

First snow!  Last Monday we got about an inch of snow.  While B jumped around and played in the snow, Andrew and I stayed on the porch.  He was really loving the snow and didn't mind that he was getting wet.  However Andrew is, B was not.  And vice versa.  I love that.

Just standing around.  Being curious.  And rather adventurous.  Trying to catch his brother, or me.  He's recently really enjoying daddy.  I'm guessing both boys will be daddy's boys.  That's okay with me.  He's an incredible daddy to look up to, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Although, I do love being the momma of boys.  Little boys always have something for their momma -- a hug or kiss or snuggle; a cup of dirt; a flower; a funny face.
 Andrew loves food.  He loves any food.  Here are some recently enjoyed foods by our little man: potato soup, sloppy joes, rice and beans, guacamole, BBQ pulled pork, any bread, hamburger, french fries, sweet potatoes.  I could keep going, but I just can't remember many meals past this.  Either way -- he does not starve and needs to eat what we are eating.  I mean, he needs too -- or you'll hear it!

Andrew has a little temper.  He gets very upset, very easily.  In that, he's very sensitive.  Easily offended and quick to cry and jump to conclusions.  Okay, okay -- that's just how I perceive him.  But I bet money that he'll be that way in about six months!  He loves me and loves when I hold him.  And he holds on tight.  That makes it hard to pull him off when I need to put him down.  Which makes him cry.  It's a vicious cycle for a nine month old, I tell ya.

 This little boy is pretty contemplative.  And observant.  He babbles when he wants.  He says, "dada" a lot -- and even to Patrick. He grunts so much and makes a lot of weird noises and faces.

 I always pray that Andrew would be a man of great faith and trust the Lord so deeply.  I pray that God would use his persistence and his curiosity for His glory and Kingdom.  I pray that Andrew would be passionate about God, His word and life.  I pray that he would be generous, honest, obedient and joyful.  I ask the Lord to reveal Himself to Andrew -- even now.  Praying for my children is one of the most beautiful and humbling things I'm privileged to do as a momma.

A few blurry pictures to show Andrew in action {note: he is going to the bin of cars that B was just playing in.}:

Oh, this sweet boy blesses my heart.  He easily excited and quick to smile.  My baby is growing so much faster than his brother, I think.  Neither are slowing down. -sigh-  His nine month appointment is on Wednesday and I'm very anxious to talk to the doctor about this little boy!!!

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mama cindy said...

Oh my!! He IS going so fast. Love, Love, Love the pictures. Goodness I think you can see straight down to his soul in his eyes....Pringle eyes...