Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The big boy.

Oh, this boy. 
He pushes my buttons. And most boundaries.
He laughs so sweetly.  And talks constantly.
He, too, is an adventurer and always asks questions.

 He is a thinker.  He's a builder.
His imagination is incredible.
He loves to sing.
He will be three in just three weeks.

He says things like: 
you're making me a crack -- {you're cracking me up.}
I have a question for you -- {insert any statement}
Hey. Look at this -- {insert hilarious funny face}
I ate my booger.  I love boogies.  They are a special treat.

He does not think he is a superhero unless there is a cape on his shirt.
When we say, "Good night Super Benjamin/Spider Benjamin/ Bat Benjamin."
He repies, "Good night Super Mommy, ect."

And, friends, I love being called Super Mommy by my sweet Super Benjamin.

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