Thursday, May 17, 2012

Already One...

Today Andrew is one.  One year ago he was born.  One year ago I was enjoying this sweet tiny baby and rejoicing at yet another miracle that God had given us.

One year has gone by so quickly.  So much faster than B's first year.  Life goes on and does not stand still like it does the first time around.  I think I just left the hospital with a newborn Andrew, but really it's been a whole year.

Andrew has been such a joy.  He is so fun.  He does not stop moving.  Ever. {ever.}  He laughs a lot.  He loves his brother.  He is a good snuggler.  A daddy's boy, already. {If Patrick is around, or when he comes home from work, Andrew yells "DA-DA!!" over and over}

Andrew loves blankets and will suck on them and carry them around all day.  I leave them out, in random places, so he can get one when he needs it.  He loves to play chase with B.  He loves being outside, playing in the dirt or being with the boys.  He loves going as fast as he can -- anywhere.

Andrew is curious and persistent.  He is independent, yet clingy.  Andrew will eat anything -- except oranges -- and babbles constantly, as long as the soothie paci is out of his mouth.  He also screams a lot. He loves to shower in the "big shower" with Benjamin.  He sleeps fairly well -- going to bed around 7pm and waking up between 5:30 and 7am.  Did I mention he eats a lot?  If I had to pick favorites for him I would say bananas and blueberries are a favorite fruit.  Ratatouille is a favorite meal.  And he enjoys meat.  And cheese.

{Obligatory pictures of my incredible adorable one year old son!}

He was not a fan of being still for a I just followed him around for a while!

He makes this face. A lot. 

Being a boy.  And curious.  And a risk taker.

It's fuzzy, I know.  But he doesn't stop moving and you needed to see him in action :)

Andrew with a blanket.  Per usual.
B got AR Batman and Joker Little People for his birthday -- he was so sweet to open them  AND play with them for Andrew :)

It was a good idea....

So happy.

I've loved this past year with my boys.  I just don't know what our lives would be like with out Andrew Reid.  In fact, what in the world did we do before he came along?!  I just don't know and I like it much better now that he is here and has a beautiful, God ordained place in our little family.

Happy birthday, Andrew Reid, you light up my heart and give me songs to sing that I didn't know existed.  I'm one blessed momma!

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mama cindy said...

Happy 1st Birthday Andrew!!! He is so sweet.