Thursday, May 17, 2012

A first birthday party...

When you don't have family around, a first birthday party seems kind of silly.  But lucky for us, we have a lot of friends who are like family!  And my mom was here to celebrate Andrew, too!

We had a "Milk and Cookies" party for little Andrew.  Our friends came over and we sang Happy Birthday and Andrew reluctantly ate a cupcake.  We were very surprised that he didn't inhale the cupcake {like his brother} and are trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we may have a non-sugar loving McBride. Hum.

Andrew loved opening presents and watching all the other kids play with them ;)  He has, however, gotten the chance to play with them several times since his party!

I just loved celebrating this boy!! Here is to another fun, adventurous and never-a-dull-moment year!

Keira, B and Luke watching the cookies -- incase they might move before they got one!

The spread...
Andrew -- month by month!

This was after several minutes of encouraging him to eat the cake!!!

family pic!!!

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