Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Lately it may seem to you that I have been doing a lot of wrestling with the Lord.  And that would be very true.  We are working through some incredible stuff -- and I never, ever want to be the same as I was.

As I wrestle {and pray. and cry. and process. and learn. and grow} over so many things -- more babies. clomid. adoption. idols. discontentment. entitlement. pride. selfishness. frustration. bitterness -- my heart grows more and more hopeful in the ONE who has called me.  And I learn more and more everyday that He is faithful.

I've been clinging to this verse lately:
Print can be found here via Naptime Diaries
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My Anchor is strong. steady. capable. never changing. always carrying.
I have hope in Him alone.  
Through Jesus, my Savior, my joy, my freedom and my righteousness.

If there is one thing I've learned over the course of the last few weeks, even the last few days, it's this: My hope is in absolutely nothing else -- only Jesus.  And let me tell you, I know that true because I have had to live it out in tough situations and in joyful things.  

God is good whether I get what I prayed for, or I get what He has planned. 
{And sometimes, it's all the same.}  
God is sovereign if I fall, or if I run.
God is kind -- even when His kindness looks like it should hurt.  
It doesn't. Because I know His plans are best and perfect.

And always, no matter what, God will be glorified.  

The veil was torn.  We've been set free. 
And we can approach Him confidently, with sincerity, with holiness and freedom.  I love that my anchor is Jesus -- and not any other thing.

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