Sunday, June 3, 2012

Very apparent.

Lately a few things have been increasingly apparent to me.  Here is a list, in no suggestive order:

1.  I really enjoy taking pictures, but there is a good reason I do not to it for free very often -- it's so time consuming.  And it's kind of intense for a person like me.  All those pictures, so much editing, trying to get everything just right.  I do not have time or energy for that more than once a year!

2.  I've noticed that we go through a lot of toilet paper around here.  This is rather discouraging because I am the only one who uses any significant amount of toilet paper.

3.  The more times we try Clomid to get pregnant, the more I realize that having a large biological family will not be very likely for us.  Not that I am, or am not, currently on it -- just that it's very apparent that being crazy and irrational and feeling awful isn't the best way to serve my family.  When is it enough? Or too much? I have a lot of thoughts I'm wresting through all of this.

4. I've been reading a few books lately {gasp!!! I know, I love to shock the world sometimes...} and it's apparent that the more I grow in my faith, the more I desire to learn and grow and read about things that will help me grow.  And I don't really like reading self-help books.  {that realization was free, friends!}

5. My body has acclimated to Oklahoma weather.  By this I mean that I was freezing and it was 80 degrees outside.  Also, thunderstorms don't make me nearly as nervous as the use to -- unless there is some crazy action going down on the TV.  If the weather guys are all over the channels -- you better believe I'm hunkering down and getting the shelter ready!

6.  I think I am becoming someone who can keep plants alive.  Not to get all excited and pass around high fives, but I've kept FIVE plants alive for almost five weeks.  Boom!  AND last night when the weather radio went off at 2am for a severe thunderstorm warning, what did I think first?! "Oh, I should move my plants under the porch!" And I did.  See -- anything is possible!

7.  My sin.  God has been showing me layer upon layer of sin in myself lately.  I'm so grateful!  It's been so wonderful to lay things at His feet and go confidently before Him, without shame or guilt, because of the freedom given to me through the cross of Christ.  {What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!}

8. Little "camp" fires in our back yard are truly a wonderful thing.  Why do I love the crackle of a fire?  Why do I love the smell of burning wood?  Why do I love to sit with my feet thisclose to the fire? I don't know any of this -- but it's apparent that I love it.  And it makes for an incredible stay-at-home-date-night with my love.

9. How could I forget the OKC Thunder?! Come on!  It's very apparent that I need to get some Thunder gear.  I can't live in OKC and not have at least one shirt that shows my "love" for the game.  Or the play-offs.  Or whatever. Thunder Up!!

And I think that's all. Happy Sunday to you!

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Beth said...

I really, really, really, really love using cloth toilet paper. It's easy. And cheap! I'm the one who uses all the TP, too, and cloth helps a ton in that regard! Just throwing that out there. :)