Friday, September 7, 2012

Packing up... and some other things.

The boys and I are flying to WV tomorrow.

You may wonder how in the world I am able to remember we are going with our busy schedule and life still moving on around me.

No worries.  
Benjamin asks me at least once every 30 minutes when we are going to get on an airplane. 
And when we are going to pack.  
And when we will be in West Virginia. 

And when I picked him up from school yesterday, his teacher said, "So, you're riding on an airplane when you go on your trip? To see Uncle Kent?"  I quickly affirmed this and thanked her for dealing with those questions and statements for the day.  It was a welcomed break.

Benjamin has had several "suitcases" this week.  A basket, a backpack, a laundry basket.  And he packs it every day.  This morning I told him that after nap time we could pack his back pack for the plane and he could pick FIVE toys to take with him.  His response?

"Yes! I will take a dinosaur cup, Thomas, dice, a sword, a dragon, a car, bunny, blankie, play-doh and an animal. And I will put everything into my suitcase."
I feel like I should have given him a little more direction.  But be sure of this, Benjamin is a boy who knows what he wants! 

On another note.

We have been reading Matthew in family worship.  We have been talking about good fruit and bad fruit and the trees that bear such fruit.  Every time we discuss this, Patrick asks Benjamin, "Benjamin, do you want to be a good tree with good fruit? Or a bad tree with bad fruit?" And every time B responds, "I don't want to be A TREE when I grow up!" And every time we laugh.

Either way, we have some delightful and hilarious conversations around here.  And I don't want to forget them.  

And one thing about Andrew.
He hits his head more than a normal child.  It's a little unsettling.
Please don't judge me when you see the four or five bruises and bumps on his forehead.

Also, he says "momma. momma. momma. momma. momma." Wherever we may be. However long he needs to.  And he won't stop until I make eye contact and acknowledge his presence.  This child is ALSO a boy who knows what he wants.

Oh these boys... So much fun.

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