Thursday, September 27, 2012

Playing outside. Finally.

The weather has cooled down a little here in the OKC.
And by that I mean it was 93 yesterday and only 91 today!
Better yet -- the 80's are coming within the next ten days.
It's fall in Oklahoma, folks!

Since it's "cooler" we play outside pretty often.  
I throw open the back door and the boys wander in and out until they've had enough.
Sometimes we check the garden, or play soccer, or take a walk.
Today we looked at our flowers and pretended to be geologists.
No, seriously.

First, though, here is my sweet big boy! I love this kid to pieces!

And one of B's BFF Averie. They will get into a lot of trouble as they get older. I already know.
 Okay.  SO back to our outside playing...

B said, "Look mom! I'm a geologist!!!" 

Not sharing happens way too much around here. Le sigh.

Kissy face.
(MJR! I like your kissy wallet...)

Close up kissy face.  This boy freely gives kisses, incase you needed one.

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