Thursday, October 11, 2012

A list for you.

I realize I haven't blogged in two weeks.  I've been writing posts in my head, but they never actually happen.  Instead, I will give you an informative list about our lives and you can look forward to my next post about all the awesome foods I've been cooking up.  You'll want to check back for that one.

*Patrick was in Ecuador for nine days.  Well, two of those days were travel days.  He was teaching pastors there about the Old Testament.  God did awesome things and I'm so blessed to serve a man who willingly fulfills the ministry God has called him to at this point in his life.  Patrick is so gifted at teaching and presenting the Word well.  God has certainly gifted him! And I think he is awesome.

*We have been playing "Pirates and Princess" a lot lately.  And I'm pretty sure our couch has been a castle for three days.  There is really no reason to take it down only to put it back up.

*When we play P&P, Benjamin always asks me to dress up like a princess.  So, I put on my prom dress {which is black and too big, so it just doesn't look very princess-y} and B said, "Um. Where is your big, white and fluffy princess dress".  I explained that I wasn't a real princess and that I did not have a dress like that.  Although, I think I need to change that.  I kind of want him to think that I'm a real princess ;)

*And while we were playing P&P tonight, I had on the black prom princess dress and Patrick started this awful bit about black being the evil witch dress color.  But I'll have you know that, despite his best efforts to turn B against me, B did not want me to change and insisted that I was still the princess.  Bless that child.

*I found this new app called PepperPlate.  It's wonderful and I really enjoy it.  And I will elaborate when I go into detail about the yummy food we've had for dinner in my next post.

*My mom is having surgery {again} to remove cancer from her body on Wednesday.  This is round number two for her and the cancer is in a different spot this time.  Please pray for her and the surgery and the doctors.  And go ahead and give her a little shout out in the comments ;)

*B wants to be a "Star War" for halloween.  And I laugh about this.  But he's very serious.  We have never seen the movies {as in, he has not} and only knows about Star Wars from friends.  And Target.  As far as I can gather, he wants to be a jedi -- not a storm trooper, or darth vader, or princess Leah.  He mentioned something about Luke Starwalker.  Ha. hahahahhahahahaha.  He makes me laugh so much, and sometimes he has no clue.

*I was thinking today that Andrew will be 17 months old in six days.  I got pregnant with Andrew when B was 17 months old.  And I was sick a lot  and slept on the couch and B watched A LOT of Elmo and I don't know how we survived.  But my point is this:  I would not trust Andrew at all if I fell asleep on the couch.  And even more, I would not trust B and AR together if I was asleep on the couch. B is a little more cautious, but still Andrew has no fear and does not watch TV.   SO hear this -- God's timing is ALWAYS perfect :) Amen.

That's all for now.  I need to sleep.

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Baby Hancock said...

Oh, dear, Cindy!!! :-( Sending my prayers and love! Good to see what's going on in your life, Ashley. Miss ya!