Saturday, October 27, 2012

10 things I love about Andrew {right now}

Sweet, sweet baby boy.

1. How he says "ma-ma. ma-ma. ma-ma" over and over again when we are in the car.  He only stops, briefly, when I turn around and acknowledge him.

2. His little mischievous and utterly heart melting grin.

3. How he runs into my arms and lays his head on my shoulder.

4. How much he LOVES his daddy. Loves him. Patrick is his favorite person ever.

5. How he says "CHEESE!" so vibrantly every time I take pictures.  Also, as a bonus, he will sit still for a picture.

6. How much he enjoys his cribs and that he hasn't tried to jump out {yet.}

7. I love that he will eat {almost} anything.  He really is a fabulous eater and I often question if there is something wrong with him because of the amount he consumes.  But, he is just a boy.  Who eats a lot of food.

8. How he tries to do everything that B does.  It can get exhausting, but it's so wonderful to watch brothers become...well, brothers.

9. His laugh.

10. His dancing skills!  It's hilarious to watch him dance and he is a mover and a shaker!

**These posts have been so delightful to write.  I love thinking of unique things {right now} that are really great about the three handsome fellas in my life.  Write {top 10 loves} post about your favorites and leave a comment so I can read it**

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