Friday, October 26, 2012

10 things I love about Benjamin {right now}

My wonderful big boy.  There is a lot to love about this child, even in a difficult season of being three.

1. He is starting to play games -- hide and seek, duck duck goose, tag -- and it makes our days a little more fun and active!

2. He frequently says, "I just love you, mom!" just because he does.

3. He will often say, "thanks for _____, mom!" when we are leaving someplace.  He will thank me for getting him a {free} cookie at Target.  He thanks me for helping him into his seat. He thanks me for taking him to the park. He thanks me for going to the car wash.  You get the picture.

4. At night when he doesn't want to go to sleep, I always give him kisses to hold in his hand.  And lately, if I'm leaving or when I'm putting him down for bed, he will give me kisses in my hands.  I hold on to them as long as I can.

5.  He picks flowers for me to wear in my hair when we are outside.

6. He has started being a really good helper and more mindful of what it looks like to serve me {or Andrew or daddy or anyone, really}.

7. He loves the drop off line at school and it makes him so confident.

8. He loves to draw and write and color.  And he can make "M's" and "P's" really well!  And he drew a picture of me a couple of weeks ago. {}

9. He is starting to enjoy Andrew more.  He plays with him and invites him on his adventures.  {And as a result, they are both getting into a little more mischief and trouble!}

10. His imagination.  We pretend so much and he really gets into what we are playing!  And Mr. Crab {his imaginary friend} goes with us randomly.  He is not too consistent, but I can always expect him while we are in the car or when we are doing something that is a little boring for B :)

*What do YOU love about your child{ren} right now?*

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