Thursday, October 18, 2012

A short dinner conversation to share...

B has recently decided that he likes Star Wars.  He doesn't really know anything about it.  Nor has he seen it.  But he talks about it a lot.

Tonight at dinner this conversation happened:
B: Daddy, want to know what I want to name a baby someday?
{sidenote: I am not pregnant, by the way.  We talk about baby names a lot because he always asks for another baby brother named Andrew.  All the time. It's really too funny.  And he's very upset that he won't have another brother named Andrew}
Daddy: What?
B: Star War.  No. Storm Trooper.
Daddy: Well, buddy, I don't think we will be naming a baby storm trooper ever.
B: I just love baby storm troopers.

This little guy.  He's always cracking us up!

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