Saturday, December 29, 2012

SO this is Christmas...

As they say -- nothing is over like Christmas.  I believe this more and more each year.  We took down our decorations today and Benjamin cried for several minutes because he didn't want to take down the tree.  Presents are all unwrapped and put away, new clothes are washed {and will be put away at some point before March}, and all of our leftovers have been eaten.

And we are just four days out.

On the 26th we were eating dinner and Benjamin exclaimed, "When is it Christmas again?!?!!?"  It's always heartbreaking trying to explain an entire year to a three year old.  He has no clue how quickly years will go by...

Christmas was sweet and the boys were so excited.  They are so different and it's just a joy to watch them be who they are.  Benjamin would tear into presents and squeal loudly and excitedly at whatever he opened.  Andrew, on the other hand, slowly opened a present and demanded that it be taken out of the box so he could play with it.  And then, as B ripped through three more gifts, Andrew would contently play with his new toy.  We would hide that gift so he would open another one.

And so it went for an hour.  Benjamin and Andrew would open a few gifts.  Aunt Kate and Grandpa next.  Daddy and then Mommy.  We all took turns and were glad to see what the other received.  All in all, a very successful morning.

I made a crock pot breakfast casserole and homemade cinnamon rolls.  We grazed most of the morning.  I made a turkey breast, homemade mac n cheese, dutch oven bread, sauteed vegetables and carmelitas for dinner.  I love holiday meals!

We were suppose to get a "winter storm", but it was not stormy at all.  Although, it was so very cold -- a nice change to our mild weather so far this winter.  And then -- it snowed.  It flurried, really.  And there was not much accumulation.  But for this native West Virginia girl, snow is snow on Christmas!
Playing in the snow!
Patrick made this snowman for Benjamin!
Andrew was clearly not a fan of snowman making or snow playing...
Benjamin got a pirate ship from Gramma and Pap-pap and he and Andrew played with that ship all day.  It was strangely quite at times because they would just sit and play pirates.  They still play with it pretty frequently.  

They both got sleeping bags and Benjamin has slept in his every night since Christmas.  He's too funny.  He also got a tag reader and we are loving it.  Although, I am more excited about it than he is right now :)  Andrew has enjoyed playing with all of his trucks and cars and Little People.   Plus, they couldn't get enough of Aunt Kate.  Benjamin barely left her side.  And Andrew warmed up quickly and would sneak into Aunt Kate's arms if Benjamin wasn't around!
Pirate ship playing.  And obviously near {a napping} Kate.

This year Benjamin and Andrew were such fun ages for Christmas enjoyment.  Still so small and so awe struck.  Big enough to know a little more and to do more together. I can only imagine that each coming year will have it's own sweet treasures.  These boys bless my heart!

And here are just a few {and then a few more} pictures of our Christmas.

Christmas morning family picture.
 I have squinty eyes, but everyone else is looking.
Sometimes you just take one for the team, you know? 
This picture pretty much sums up Kate's week with us.

A little family picture action!

Head bonking.

This is just too cute for words.  And that really is Benjamin's {fake} smile.

Some family picture action.

And this is the time that I was posing for the camera and David and Patrick stood on my feet so I would stop moving.  

I love this girl.
So... Merry, merry belated Christmas!

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