Wednesday, May 22, 2013

20 weeks {number 3}

Have I mentioned that the third pregnancy is a mix of old and new?  I know how to be pregnant and what it's like -- for the most part.  That's old news, if you will.  But some things are just so different.  I actually like it because it keeps me humbled under the knowledge that only God is in control AND because I know each baby is so different. Also, you get bigger a lot faster. Whoa.

I have officially reached the half way point of this pregnancy.  And while it seemed like it crept on during some weeks and flew by during others, I have no doubt that the second half will go faster.  With summer trips and summer fun, school starting and getting our home and hearts ready for this baby girl -- I think the next 20 weeks will go by without too much lingering.

I'm grateful that this pregnancy is different because Patrick and I were just feeling Benjamin kick at 20ish weeks.  At 20 weeks with Andrew, I still had morning sickness and was trying to sleep as much as I could.  This time, I feel really good most days and only throw up randomly.  I do sleep a lot, though.  And this girl has been noticed by kicks and bumps since around 17 weeks. Blessings, blessings.

I have gained 14 pounds thus far and I don't know if that is good/bad/normal. I'm not too concerned, either way.  My body knows what it's doing.  I'm still very active and continue working out about 4-5 days a weeks.  Truthfully, it's hard not to be constantly busy.  The boys are so active and all over the place and it's my job to keep up with them and care for them.  There are some days that I simply lay on the couch for a few minutes just to let my body rest and make sure I can feel the baby moving.  This girl better be quick and ready! ;)

She still does not have a name, but certainly no one is surprised.  I have talked with several people about the names we like to see what they say.  Most are nice and like them -- but there are always people who give you too much naming opinion :) It is our child, after all.  And once her name is, well, her name -- that's just what she becomes and there is nothing more thought of it.  Maybe that's what we need to remember as we think through this list of names!!! Benjamin calls her "Princess Sophia", but that will not be her name.

The boys talk to the baby a lot and enjoy asking questions.  Benjamin loves to see pictures and hear the heartbeat.  Andrew likes the pictures, but not the sound of the doppler. They are really excited and I couldn't be more grateful.  I pray so often that God would prepare them for a baby and that they would walk well in their new roles, especially Andrew. 

I don't crave much, but there are always things that sound better than others. I have more Braxton Hicks this time around than the last two.  Seriously, these contractions are always happening.  My back has started hurting more often, which I anticipated.  I'm just grateful that it's taken this long to kick in! I think it's setting in that we are having a girl and I randomly buy girl clothes. However, I end up buying cute dresses that are nine months {in size} so she can wear them next summer. Such is life :)

Either way... Half-way. Still a miracle and I'm still so grateful and humble that we even get to have another child. It's mind boggling some days to think of God's incredible kindness to us.  It's not deserved.

For your viewing and comparative pleasure -- each pregnancy at 20 weeks:
Benjamin. I bet I was sucking it in a little bit.  No way that's how small I was :)
My hair has had as many stages as my pregnancies.

With Andrew. Looking fairly decent pregnant size since it's  number 2.
And, for the record, I'm  22 weeks pregnant here. 

Boom! Number 3. I've gained the same amount of weight as I did with Andrew.  But MAN!
I think it's because I had Chick-fil-a for lunch ;)
Third time happens fast. Also, I'll take another picture tomorrow and maybe I'll look smaller!

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