Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's a party!

We had a little party for Andrew on Thursday night.  He loves Elmo {although he won't watch Elmo on TV}, so we used that for a theme. Lucky for me, my friend Jill had tons of Elmo stuff from her little girls birthday party a few weeks before. Score! 

Andrew had a fabulous time and was so excited that it was his birthday! He kept saying, "happy?! happy to me?!"  He was thrilled to open presents and play.  He obviously enjoyed the cupcake.  And the fact that his little friends here just made his day.  He is such a sweet boy and it was so fun celebrating him!

Sorry for all of the pictures.  Mainly for the amount of family pictures.  You just needed to see how many pictures we take to get a decent one ;)
Some of the set up.  Plus a pizza box.

Singing to Andrew.

Convincing him to blow out the candles.

A sweet smile.



Digging in.

Daddy smashed cupcake in his face.  He thought it was really hilarious.  And then he flipped out because it wasn't coming off.  

Quick smiles.

I'm laughing because Andrew tried to wipe his hands on Patrick and Patrick does not like sticky things all over him.


A choo-choo.  He was thrilled.

Benjamin's face.

All smiles. 

Benjamin was kicking.

Andrew was distracted.


Losing them.

On Friday afternoon {Andrew's actual birthday} we opened gifts.  Benjamin got him some trains and he was so excited.  In fact, he carries them everywhere and slept with one last night.

Little People Zoo -- Benjamin AND Andrew were thrilled by this :)

Everyone playing!

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