Thursday, May 30, 2013

Humor in tornado season...

I wrote several weeks ago on Facebook that I firmly believe preparing for childbirth and tornados are very similar.  Since that post, I can't stop thinking of things that make me believe that even more!

We are in the thick of a pretty active tornado season right now.  And by season I mean, the last two weeks.  It's been quite since February.  But May, May is busy for the weather guys around here {and they love it}.

Either way, here are the similarities I can come up with {feel free to comment your own!}

Preparing for tornados is like preparing for childbirth because:

*You always want to look presentable -- showered, hair straightened, a little mascara... It goes a long way. You don't want to be the one person they interview on TV that looks like you rolled out of bed and into your shelter. Or have someone take your picture post-delievery with crazy hair.

*You go into nesting mode.  Except in tornado season, it's pretty urgent and you don't wash baseboards.  Instead, you clean out a shelter and make sure you have the file box nearby.

*You make sure that food and water are available and handy.

*You try to be as rested as possible. You don't want to be cranky in the shelter.  Or when you're already overusing your body to birth a child.

*You try to be as informed as possible.  The more you know, the better you'll handle the event!

*You remain as calm as possible, but there is always a string of emotions running inside your head.  Excitement, fear, discomfort, anxiety.

*You want to make sure that your head is clear and your mind is set on the goal -- survival.

*Keep your focus.

*You rely heavily on the rational perspective and rockstar-ness of your husband.  He seems unshaken by either event.  Although, childbirth is the one time I can count on Patrick shedding a few tears ;)

*You sing a lot of songs and recite memorized scripture to muster up strength and joy and a positive attitude.

*Mainly, though, you just keep wondering when this whole ordeal will be over and done with...

And now that I look over these again, I nod with approval that I've done each of these things for childbirth and during a tornado watch.  Such is my life, I suppose.

Happy tornadoing or laboring! :)

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