Monday, May 13, 2013

A family getaway!

This past weekend we drove down to Dallas and spent the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge.  We all had a lot of fun and we were totally exhausted! This place is not for the weary when you have two little boys!!! 

I also learned a great lesson: Do NOT tell your four year old that you are going to Great Wolf Lodge a month before.  You will be asked several times DAILY when you're leaving.  I think Benjamin and I were equally excited for the day to come :) 

Some highlights: floating in the "lazy river", playing in the wave pool, Patrick pushing Andrew down the slide for the first time {which started a lot of Andrew sliding!!!}, racing Benjamin on the big slides -- he was so scared, but tried them and LOVED it!, story time at the clock, getting "wands", Benjamin extreme excitement -- constantly, Andrew being terrifed of the Rainforest Cafe, SO many laughs.

We also stopped by Legoland before we came home.  It was definitely not for little guys, so Andrew didn't have a lot to do -- but Benjamin LOVED it.  He was all over the place and had such a great time.  And for good measure, at my request, we stopped by Trader Joe's before it was all said and done.  I'm so glad these guys humor me and indulge me in my Trader Joe's obsession!!!

We really do love being together and it's always so hard when our vacation times are over.  God has blessed us so much.  I would spend every waking moment with Patrick and the boys -- and have so much fun! We are better together, as Jack Johnson would say {hee hee}, and trips like this are so good for all of our souls!!!

Bunk beds!

Both boys looking at the camera! What?!!?


So ready to head to the water park and NOT take pictures!

Lucky us! DFW was just in the distance outside our window.  This provided great entertainment for boy boys!

Andrew thinks there is a baby in his belly, too.

He also likes to have his picture taken.

Isn't he cute?

Two peas in a pod!

Family shot!

One last goodbye.

View of the small child pool and slides.

Wave pool in the back ground.

Main area with two bigger slides. 

Lego land!

With Yoda, of course.

He was not good at driving the cars....

But he was so proud and confident! Such a champ!

Andrew found his own entertainment.

Even sang me a little song.

Typical Benjamin face.

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