Thursday, May 16, 2013

On turning two.

Tomorrow Andrew will be two.  As in two years.  Two years old.

Two years ago, I was in early labor.  I went to the hospital and was 6cm dilated.
Two years ago, I prayed and waiting for my little boy to come.
Two years ago, we were just a family of three -- anticipating becoming four.

Goodness.  Two years has certainly been faster than I could have imagined.

Andrew has added so much to our little family.  He is independent and confident.  He can be quiet and shy.  He loves to sing and dance.  He is an adventurous and free spirit.  Holding him down, or back, is nearly impossible.  He has no inhibitions and does not listen too well.  But he is just two.

I firmly believe Andrew thinks he can conquer the world.  And I'll never tell him he can't.  I know that Andrew watches every move Benjamin makes and listens to him better than anyone else in the world that can speak.  And I'll never tell him to stop. I love that Andrew will talk to anyone and is always willing to offer a smile or a wave.  And I'll always encourage him to be that kind to everyone.

Andrew's favorite songs are Jesus loves me, Holy holy holy and Marry you {by Bruno Mars. Don't judge}.

Andrew's favorite color is yellow.  But I'm fairly certain that's because he can say it well and knows that color better than the others.

Andrew can say some of the alphabet.  He thinks he is singing the entire 26 letter song.  Actually, he gets about 10 of them right ;)

Andrew likes to count.  1,2,5,2,9,1,5,2,2! He loves the number two.

Andrew says a lot of random words and a few phrases.  My favorites are: "wait a second" and "stir it up!" said in his very own way, of course!

Andrew is a daddy's boy to the max.  But loves his momma, for sure. His favorite person, ever, is Benjamin.  He always asks for BG and always wants to know where he is or what he is doing.

Andrew loves trains. And diggers. And big trucks. And fire trucks {he calls them "weee-ewws"}. He loves the sand box and dirt and playing in water. He is rough and falls more than any other child I've ever known.  He also gets up pretty quickly and moves on.  He's such a champ.

Andrew is just a ball of cuteness and fire wrapped up into a tiny little person. And I don't know what I would do without that boy.  It's been such a treasure having two days a week with just him.  And he has equally loved it.  He is an incredible gift to our family and life with Andrew is so much more joyful.  Because, truly, he is.

Here are pictures of Andrew, with only one of "two".  I'll take those tomorrow!!!

Brand new! I think this was just about 15-20 minutes after birth.

Sweeeeet sleepy baby!

Look at that dark hair!


His eyes melt me!

And his joy blesses me!

This is my Andrew....

Oh sweet boy -- happiest second birthday to you, my love!

Andrew's birth story...

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mama cindy said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Andrew!!!