Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ohhhhhh boy!

It's A GIRL!

Can you believe it? I'm still in shock. Shocked doesn't seem to cover it, really. I am excited, but just so overwhelmed by this news! I was ready for another boy and was excited for another boy.  Now I just need to get into girl mode.

There is, honestly, so much of me that is terrified of having a girl after two boys.  What will I do? Will I mess up? How can I be the mom of boys and a girl? I never, ever thought I would be the momma of a girl! But here we are -- and I'm grateful that God is sovereign and knows best! And just like having boys -- I'll ask a lot of questions and pray non-stop for the grace of God to do more than I ever could to love and care for another precious gift!

But, back to the ultrasound....

I, per usual, asked a lot of questions and it's always amazing to me to see a baby growing and moving and kicking inside of me! It's so humbling. And I'm so grateful.

The baby was so active. I suppose we just make very active babies.  And I should know. The tech was getting a little discouraged because the baby just kept moving and she couldn't get a good picture of the baby's head or spine! Eventually she did and this sweet girl looks so good! I am going to go back in about five weeks for a follow-up ultrasound to check the baby's heart.  Since Andrew had some arrhythmia, they are going to take a look once the heart is bigger to make sure everything is indeed a-ok!  And I won't mind seeing my baby girl one more time!

I'm 18 weeks and 1 day today and that's just what the baby measured.  Her legs and arms were measuring a week in advance, which isn't surprising! And I can feel those legs in a mighty way {already}. My due date is still the same {October 5th}.

Patrick was very pleased that he was right about guessing the gender.  Benjamin switched "teams" last minute and wanted a girl. Andrew said whatever Benjamin did, so I had no way to change his mind.  It was just me on team boy. And I was wrong, which is fine :) I did ask the sweet tech to show me how the "girl parts" meant girl.  It may sound dumb, but I wanted to see what she was talking about! I've only ever seen boy parts in an ultrasound! When she told us the gender she said, "That is most definitely a girl!"

So now it's time to buy girl things, I guess.  We have no girl things {well, we have some hand-me downs from dear friends!} and are in for a whole new world -- that's for sure! Here's hoping naming a girl will come more easily for us!!!

Full profile -- the last time we'll be able to see all of this girl in one shot! See those bent legs? They keep going outside of the picture!!!

A picture for the boys :) With both hands waving around. Plus, a good look at the spine, heart and stomach!

Girl parts, apparently.

Tiny little foot!

The boys posing for a picture with a little sister shirt. They really were so excited. But Patrick was behind me making faces so they wouldn't look all gloomy because we waited to long before the ultrasound :)


hannahthomas731 said...

So so exciting!!! Happy for you Ashley!

christin said...

So very excited for you and your entire family! Blessings as you prepare your home for a baby girl!

Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

Congratulations! You will be a wonderful mother of a girl as you are a wonderful mother to your boys. Blessings!