Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letter to a pirate...

Dear Pirate, 

I want to be a pirate, too, like you.  And I want a boat like you, to stand on.  A really, really big boat like you.  I want to look for treasure with you and bring one home to show my mommy and brother and daddy.  I want you to bring all your 14-5 buckets from your boat and get water. And I want you to come and have dinner with us and sleep with us and go on trips with us and play ball and swords with me. And I want you to show me how to climb a tree and cut off a tree.

Love, Benjamin

P.S. Bring a giant bean stalk for me and a friendly pirate to show me how to grow a giant bean stalk.

*Some things you just need to make sure you write down, you know? Benjamin asked me to write a letter for him while he told me what to say.  He was very prepared and I sat on the back porch while he paced around me telling me exactly what to write.  I now have a construction paper copy and a computer copy.

This guy is too much fun and I LOVE being his momma.  Seriously, this stuff is good and my life and wonderful.

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