Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another Father's Day {2013}

Each year that we get to celebrate Patrick is sweet, to me.  As long as I waited to be a momma, he waited to be a daddy.  And Patrick is the kind of guy that kids flock around.  I joyfully watched how his nieces and nephews adored him and surrounded him anytime we were around. That makes a girl fall more in love, I tell you!

But then our own children came along.

Sweet mercy! Patrick is so great with the boys.  They want to be near him constantly and are always asking when he will be home from work.  They adore and treasure their daddy! His relationship with Benjamin and Andrew melts me and I simply cannot wait to watch our little girl fall in love with her daddy.

These little things -- they are beautiful and humbling things! I love having a front row seat.

Patrick disciplines well -- with such humility and integrity and with such a heart to see our boys grow and thrive.

Patrick plays well -- he laughs as hard as the boys sometimes and everyone has fun when they play.  He is so good at including both boys.  And he takes quite a beating from our little guys!

Patrick loves well -- he is constantly telling the boys how much he loves them and how proud he is of them.  He asks questions about their days and gives them kisses and hugs without limit.  Those boys will grow up knowing that their daddy deeply loves them.

Patrick leads well -- my husband is a man of incredible wisdom.  He teaches the boys {and me!} with great joy and fervor and desire to see them grow and be better versions of themselves.  He teaches the word of God to our boys without holding back and leads by example on how to walk in the ways of the Lord.  He also teaches them how to shoot a bow and arrow, how to mow the lawn, how to clean up after themselves, how to serve me and each other.  He includes them in his life and allows them to learn with him and from him!

I long to let Patrick know that he is forever appreciated and loved and thought so highly of in our home.  He is our rock and stability.  He is an incredible decision maker and I rarely disagree with the plans he makes for our family.  I would follow him to the ends of this earth and I know the boys would too.  In fact, they may run to keep up with him!

And as an added bonus, here are some questions Benjamin answered about his daddy :)

My daddy's name is: Patrick McBride
How old is daddy: 5
How big is daddy: as big as a giraffe 
What color is daddy's hair: He has NO hair.
What color are daddy's eyes: Blue

Daddy's favorite drink: Crystal Light
Daddy's favorite food: beef and fried casserole {???}
Daddy's favorite vacation: camping
Daddy's favorite dessert: ice cream
Daddy's favorite restaurant: places at work {restaurants at Chesapeake}
Daddy doesn't like: coffee

Daddy knows how to: hammer stuff and jump in pools good
Daddy lets me: go to the pool and snuggle with him
Daddy likes to: read and shoot bow and arrows
I love daddy because: he snuggles me and takes me to the pool and plays with me

Happy Father's Day to the most incredible man I've ever known.  It's a joy and privilege to be a parent with you and journey together. YOU are my favorite thing, Patrick McBride -- and I know our boys would whole heartedly agree!

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