Thursday, June 6, 2013

No fear.

I'm on the VBS directors team and it has been good and hard and long preparation, as we get everything together so we can teach small children about the love of God.  It's an incredible blessing to be behind the scenes -- no matter how hard the work may be.

Our verse for this year is 1 Timothy 1:7 -- 
"For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and sound mind." 
(That's the NASB version, which is the one we chose to use for everything for VBS.)

I wasn't sure what God was doing when He called me to be apart of this team.  And I wasn't sure how He would use this verse to teach me and challenge me and grow me over the last six months.  I just knew He would.

I had my speculations -- of course.   I figured that we would have another miscarriage and I would be working through trusting God's plan for us and not fearing that my desires would be on hold.  I thought, perhaps, that something bad would happen and I would just have to trust and not fear if we lost everything/someone died/etc.  My mind is an awful place sometimes, people.

But these last six months have proven that I'm so small and God is so big and gracious -- in all things. I have come to Him with fears of having a little girl and being so scared I will ruin her.  I have come to my God with pregnancy anxiety, rather than miscarriage hurt.  I have sought His face in sickness and while being lead into a season of deeper sacrifice and selflessness. I have called upon the Lord as a tornado hurled toward our home while Patrick was out of town. It's been so sweet to remember, constantly, that God has given me a spirit of power, love and sound mind/self-discipline -- He has given me HIS Spirit.

I love this so much.

FYI -- you can print this baby for free!

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April said...

Thank you for sharing this, Ashley. Your mind sounds very similar to mine, as fear is a constant battle for me. Thanks for pointing me to truth!