Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First day of pre-k -- Benjamin

We started researching schools awhile ago.  After learning about the education and discipleship of The Academy of Classical Christian Studies -- we knew we had found a beautiful gem in a school.  I love that my children will be taught and educated to grow and love learning.  But not only will their minds be challenged, their souls will be discipled!  Our children will not only hear the gospel and learn godly character at home -- it will be reinforced at school! 

It's so hard for me to believe that Benjamin is big enough to be in Pre-K.  But he is and the school year has begun.  On Monday night we went to the House Sorting party at the Academy.  The house system is so encouraging to me and I love the design to grow the children together, not just academically but relationally.  They learn to love and care for on another and the big kids are so great at taking care of the little kids!!!

Benjamin's name was called and he popped his balloon to find that he was in the Augustine House!  The Houses are named for great fathers of the church.  We were pleased to know that we had so many friends in Augustine! But we would have loved any house {there are 5} because we know at least one family in all of them!

family picture!
 And as we geared up for today, Wednesday, my heart melted.  I knew we made the most of our summer and that this was the best thing for Benjamin.  But I also knew that this was just the beginning of my sweet boy being in school and away from me.  I treasure these guys so much and I simply LOVE having them around.  Truly, my days are better because of them.  Letting go and surrendering my child to be loved and taught in school has been a work in progress. I missed Benjamin SO much this morning. And so did Andrew!!!

Doing a little prayer/bible time before the first day of school.

Opening ceremonies were sweet and so encouraging.  We dropped Benjamin off at his class and he walked in with no fuss! Just a thumbs up and a smile -- what an answer to prayer!  Patrick, Andrew and I waited with the rest of the families until all the students were lead into the gymnasium -- a processional lead by a bag pipe player! At this point, I started crying and tried desperately to keep it together.  I gained composure to wave at B and then quietly listened to the excitement of the staff as this new school year started.

We all listened as Mr. Carr, the principle, prayed for the students, families and teachers. Scripture was read and the houses were awakened. After some final announcements and prayer, the students were dismissed to their classes and the parents were dismissed to leave.  {insert proud moment when I only teared up watching B leave and didn't cry again!}

A local coffee ship at a "mom's coffee" for all the moms after the ceremony.  It was nice to stop by and meet new friends and see so many faces that were in the same place I was!

Bag pipe player.  Point when I lost it.

Can you see B waving?!
 When I picked Benjamin up, he was all smiles! He was excited because he didn't get any clips taken away {a discipline system} and got a cookie since today was a students birthday! He got to play outside and ate lunch with his house {which he will do everyday}.  He liked listening to his teacher read a Curious George book and enjoyed working on a worksheet that involved following patterns and lines.

Now he's watching a show and resting on the couch.  Although, I can hear him creating and playing with a rocket ship we made yesterday as I type! I'm so proud of this little guy and I can't believe our mornings will be spent apart.  But that will make our afternoons so much sweeter! And I won't say that I'm not going to fight for a homeschooling ;)  Having these babes with me as long as possible would be IDEAL!

If you're interested, here is a video of a the opening processional with the pre-k and kindergarten classes -- the awakening of the houses -- and B's class walking out!


Carol said...

Awesome!!!! I am so proud of all of you :) This will be such a wonderful experience for
Benjamin and praise God for all those involved in making Classic Christian Education available and to all you parents who send your children to these schools!

mama cindy said...

Thanks for sharing...I can't believe he is old enough, looks adorable in his uniform.