Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Remember when we went on "vacation"....

SO, remember how I was going on about our two week road trip vacation? Here is more of it :)

After we left Morgantown, we drove up to PA to spend some time with Frank and Carol {aka. Gramps and Meme}.  They recently moved into an old home with 16 acres that is close to Morgantown.  They had chickens to play with, a front porch swing, four wheelers and a tractor.  This was pretty much boy heaven.  I barely saw Patrick, Benjamin and Andrew.  They all had a great time being outside {despite the insane heat and humidity!}.  Carol and I stayed closer to home, ran errands and simply sat around the kitchen table talking.   We also cooked and baked a little bit, too!

Gathering eggs and feeding chickens.

Andrew dislikes all animals.  Chickens included.

Tractor ride!

Just taking a ride...

Andrew needed to be with daddy at all times. All. times.

Playing in the pool...

Just the beginning of an hour long water fight!

Poor Meme really got it from Patrick and Benjamin!

I also gave Carol a quick hair cut -- I guess I missed my hair stylist calling! :)

After we left Frank and Carol's we headed to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Both boys were so excited to see a new zoo.  We frequent the OKC zoo and wanted to see different animals!  Benjamin loved seeing the sharks and cheetah {his favorite animals} and we also got to see a baby gorilla and a few animals up close.

It was hot, but we trekked through the entire zoo in about two hours. Just in time to drive a little and grab lunch in Wheeling.  Patrick and I decided that, while it was a nice zoo, we much prefer our OKC zoo!

Only zoo family picture. I asked some random girl to take our picture and there was absolutely nothing fantastic around us -- I just wanted a picture before everyone melted down :)

Giraffe and elephant.

We left Pittsburgh with an incredible desire to just be home.  It had been such a long two weeks of being out of our routine and sleeping all over the place.  We drove to Louisville {again} and stayed at the seminary for a night.  We left around 10am the next morning and as we packed up, Patrick said this: "It's only 11 hours to home.  I bet we could make it today."

And that is just what we did.  It was so nice to be home!!! But we continued "vacationing" at home....

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