Sunday, September 1, 2013

A sweet {girly} baby shower...

Today was so special.  My dear, dear friends threw a baby shower for baby girl and I.  Who knew you needed so many girly things! We got so many bows and headbands and pink things -- my heart is delighted.  Although, I may need a tutorial or two on these complicated head bands we got!

I'm truly blessed with the most wonderful friends.  They made me feel so loved.  And all the sweet things that were said today blessed my heart in ways that I may never forget.  It was even sweeter celebrating our little girl with these very friends because they were such a huge part of our infertility struggle this time around.  So many faithful prayers were prayed and so many words of encouragement were offered as we sought God for another child.  Now I get to share with them the joy of this sweet girl.

It's a good thing to have friends who know you so well, too.  Not only did we have spinach dip and fruit and veggies, but there were mini Cheevers ice cream balls for dessert {our favorite dessert, from our favorite restaurant -- just homemade!}!!! And they knew I would get there early -- so they, too, arrived early.  It's just so incredible to me that I have these friends who care so deeply for me and know me so well.  God's kindness overflows on me in beautiful ways.

And here are some pictures!

Hostesses and me. Such dear friends!

Food table.

I guess we are having a serious conversation...?

Ice cream balls of goodness.

A bathing suit!


Matchy WVU shoes!

A bow board, handmade by a sweet friend! It was so fun to add bows to this when I got home!
Well, I guess now we just need to go a little laundry and wait for this girl to make her way into the world! I'm 35 weeks today, so if she can hold off for two more weeks -- we will be in the clear {term wise}.  Come on, baby, we are READY!

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mama cindy said...

such sweet friends....I am grateful you have them.