Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ninja Benja...

Benjamin will be FIVE on Friday.


I's just that...I mean...five, already??!

I have loved five years with this guy.  He made me a momma and he humbles me daily.  He has also ignited a great amount of sin in me, in recent years.  But what is motherhood without a lot of learning and struggle -- with plenty of hugs and kisses added in!

I have so much to say about Benjamin, but that can wait until his birthday.  For now, I'll show you some pictures of our fun ninja birthday party we had over the weekend!  We invited B's class and a few extra friends over to celebrate by doing some ninja training and eating a lot of cookies!

I would have taken more pictures, but I was busy working the "ninja star throw" and shuffling kiddos through an obstacle course.  Patrick did the sword fight training, foam board chop and set up and ran the obstacle course.  It was a pretty intense hour of work.  I was tired.  I do not think these 4/5 year olds were tired at all!

After ninja training, we had some snacks!  Snack time is always a good time for small people and big people.  Benjamin asked for chocolate, chocolate cookies instead of cake -- so that's what he got!

Present time is always fun and Benjamin loves things.  All sorts of things.  It's weird. But completely normal, I guess.  In fact, we gave B the option of having a birthday party OR taking two friends to the movies.  He thought for a while and then looked at me and said, "If I go to the movies...I won't get presents. But I've never been to a movie... {looks down to think. Then looks up} I choose a party!"

He especially loved getting a sword and a giant tarantula {that walks, mind you. ah!}.  But his friends know him well and he got tons of super hero things, coloring things and legos!

This is such a fun party to throw for our big guy! And it's fun for me to talk to other parents and hang out with them.  A win-win-win! :)

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mama cindy said...

Ninja Benja LOL that's good. I love the picture with Andrew with his fist curled matching B's love those boys....their sister....and their mama and daddy...