Thursday, May 22, 2014

Andrew is three {plus, a party!}

It seems as though my children won't stop growing up. This is fine because I love seeing the little people they are becoming and cherish these days I have with them.

But, seriously. SLOW DOWN!

Andrew is now three.  He is not a baby anymore, nor a toddler.  Technically, he is a "preschooler".  And any word with "school" in it somewhere makes him sound way older than he should be.  Wasn't he just born?  Didn't he just turn ONE?
No, it's been three fast years of a lot of fun and laughter, some tears and tantrums, and some very serious cuteness.  Andrew is such an incredible little guy.

My second boy. My baby boy. The middle of our three. He sits in our family just where God intended him.  It's a beautiful thing to see these things.  He is a snuggle puppy and loves to sing songs.  He is joyful and up for nearly any adventure.  He is a great helper to me and is such a fun side-kick.  I enjoy him so much.

Andrew is so much fun and always makes us laugh. We refer to him as "a party in a box" -- because, well, he is! He can remember things beyond my comprehension.  He's pretty good at kicking a soccer ball and is still working on keeping up with his brother when they run.  He talks non-stop and asks a million questions a day.  He is more clever than he should be and has a killer smile. He also gets away with way more than he should.  Second born :)

Andrew loves and feels deeply.  He comes by that honestly, I suppose.  If he hurts someone on accident, he cries.  If we are in the store and a child is crying, he asks over and over again "what's wrong? dat boy sad?".  He will ask me to pray anytime we pass an emergency vehicle.  And that boy can pray! He will pray for things fervently. He loves his little sister and protects her well.  He entertains her, serves her and really wants her to move around with him. I truly love his heart.

Benjamin and Andrew have a sweet relationship.  They fight and pick on each other, as brothers do.  Andrew follows most of Benjamin's commands and that works well for both of them ;)  They imagine well together and they enjoy most of the same things.  I know I've said this before, but based on their relationship -- having a brother must be the best thing ever.  I hope they always strive to maintain this bond that has started to form.  And I can't help but think that the strength of a brotherly bond must withstand almost any test of life.  I pray it does.

We had a pirate party for Andrew on his actual birthday -- which is always fun.  And it was special this year because Aunt Beth was here! Andrew invited five of his friends and we all played and had fun. Per usual Andrew requested cookies over cupcakes {maybe Elise will like cupcakes?} and he wanted ham and cheese and fruit to eat.  And that's just what we did :)  We also went out for dinner on Friday night for his birthday he chose Hideaway pizza {but he calls his "pizza-way"}.  He has asked several times this week when his friends are coming over again for his birthday.  He is not pleased with my answer of "next year".

Alas, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweeeeetie Andrew.  He really is such a treasure and God knew what we needed in our second child.  He is a delight to this momma!

family picture

I said, "Go stand near the flowers..." and this is what he did!

Such a take-it-all-in kind of kid...

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Audrey Royce said...

You should totally print these out for the kids when they're older. I bet you already have an awesome plan like that, though. ;) I love reading about them!!