Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer, summer, summertiiiimmmmeee....

I have no regrets in titling my blog from a Will Smith song.  And it may come as no surprise to you that my summers are not a time to "sit back and unwind" {please see song lyrics for reference if you do not get it...}.  I LOVE having all of my babes with me and I have been looking forward to this summer, especially, since B was in school this year!

But, with all of that said, things can get crazy and insane and down right out of control quickly.  So I made a few "lists" this year.  We made a "summer bucket list", a cleaning schedule and a rest time/work schedule for B.

Here's a run down of our summer lists:

Cleaning schedule --
Monday - laundry & dusting
Tuesday - vacuum & mop 
Wednesday - Kitchen & bathrooms
Thursday - laundry & bedrooms
Friday - vacuum & kitchen

This schedule has worked so well for me so far! I enjoy cleaning {and I'm pretty type B!} and it's good for me to have goals or lists.  I do tidy up daily and try to keep toys and such under control.  Vacuuming twice a week is great for keeping small things off the floor -- you know, incase Elise decides to move...ever.

Rest time: 30 minutes each day - 
Monday - Bible & writing
Tuesday - Math & work on Principles challenge
Wednesday - catechisms
Thursday - phonograms & reading
Friday - memory work recap {states, capitols, oceans,governors, numbers, etc}

This schedule has been good, but I've yet to find a good rhythm with keeping it consistent.  Mainly because Benjamin was sick the first few days of break and then we have had VBS meetings and then I was sick...we'll get into a routine and I look forward to that time with B!

Summer Bucket list!
*zoo x 3
*swimming at Pelican Bay {local pool}
*Cuppies & Joe Saturday morning story time
*Picnic at Myriad Gardens
*Craft day each week
*lunch date with daddy x 3
*living room sleepover
*backyard camping
*library/treat day every other week {when books need to be returned}
*family movie night x 3
*try geocaching
*go hiking for a day
*feed ducks at Hafer Park
*go to the Mitch YMCA water park
*Bird watch at the park
*Tie-dye t-shirts
*Bowling night
*bake cookies and take them to friends

I've thought of a few more things, but I forgot to write them down.  If I remember again, I'll be sure to add them to our list!

Our summer has plenty of time for relaxing and staying home in our jammies all day.  Or grabbing lunch out and eating at the park.  Or playing in the hose until it's nap time.  Or making forts and watching too much TV.  And I love that just as much as I love the lists we have made.

Life is too short to make too many rules.  And the longer I'm a momma, the more I realize that my days with these precious children will soon be gone and they will have their own summer plans.  So while they are here and while they are all mine -- we well laugh and we will play and we will probably correct and discipline a lot and we will just be together.  Because in the end, we are better together.  And that's how I will choose to make the most of these very short {but very long feeling} little years...

Now, tell me your fun summer ideas so I can add them to my list ;)

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young wife&mom said...

oh you remind me so much of myself! (hope that doesn't offend you! haha)
have a wonderful summer dear friend across the miles!