Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow day {well, half!}

We haven't had much winter weather here in Oklahoma.  It's been cold off and on, but nothing too consistent.  But we love to see snow! And today we got more snow than expected! The drive to school was uneventful and there wasn't much of anything on the roads.  But just two hours later and the roads were covered! The snow picked up and school was released early!

After nap time {for the littles}, the boys decided they should go outside! While it was so, so very cold -- I did throw on a coat and take a few pictures.  This seems like the first snow day where the boys have actually played outside and both of them enjoyed it! Elise was very upset that she was inside and I did sit her on the patio for a few minutes.  She enjoyed that -- until Andrew threw snow on her.  {Such is life with brothers, I guess.} That was when the ladies retreated to the warm indoors!

Yay for snow days! Yay for snow! Yay for both that like the snow!

Being the little brother is tough.

Elise is not spoiled at all. Also, she likes necklaces.

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