Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Caleb is ONE!

How can it be that our sweet Caleb is already ONE?! You can read his birth story here, if you want! He is a delight to our family and we all enjoy him.  He never lacks attention or help or whatever he wants, really.

Caleb is 20.5 pounds and 28 3/4 long -- by far our smallest baby by this time. BUT he's growing normally and super cute. He crawls everywhere and climbs when he can. He really enjoys stairs when he has the chance. He pulls himself up and is so pleased with himself each time.

He smiles at almost anyone.  He waves and points and claps.  He has four teeth and two that are on the way. He eats just about anything and likes snacks and water. His favorite things to eat are fig bars, meat and fruit. That seems pretty well rounded to me!

He loves his paci and blankets.  He likes being held and really loves me a lot. Not complaining at all. Because the feeling is mutual. He enjoys seeing daddy and snuggling with him.  Caleb loves having big brothers and they are super great to him and with him. Benjamin and Andrew always ask to hold him! Elise thinks she is the best momma and that I'm disposable. She didn't come out and say that, but her actions speak louder than words. {I'm laughing so much right now, but I'm also being completely honest!} She loves to care for Caleb and, truly, she does it well.

Here are some pictures to mark year ONE! We love this boy and are so very grateful that he is ours. The Lord was kinder than we deserve to give us this gift!!!

Side view of that restructured noggin! 

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mama cindy said...

Oh my soul!!! He is precious!!! Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!!!!