Monday, August 22, 2016

First day of school // 2016-2017

 Benjamin is in 2nd grade!!! Time has gone by so fast -- it feels like we were just getting ready to start preK and now, he's a big kid! He was mostly ready for school to start, but wasn't super excited about not being able to play and do whatever he wanted all day {hahahahaha!}.  He was ready and antsy to leave 15 minutes before we had to leave.

 Age: 7
Teacher: Ms. Wagner
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite color: black
Favorite friend: Alexander
Favorite subject: science and recess
Least favorite subject: Math. With a hearty grunt and huff.
When he grows up, he wants to be: A scientist/astronaut -- working for NASA

Benjamin was underwhelmed with my desire to take several pictures. He didn't last long with this tradition! 


Andrew is in half day preK this year. I don't regret in the slightest holding him back a year.  It was perfect for him and for me! :) He was a little hesitant this morning, but ready to go.  He was so brave and did so well in class!

Andrew, though, loved taking pictures and asked me to take several of him doing different poses.

 Age: 5
Teacher: Mrs. Chan
Favorite food: pizza and spaghetti {as he says skabetty}
Favorite color: dark, dark black
Favorite friend: Micah and Ben {neighbors}
Favorite subject: being friendly and writing
Least favorite subject: uh, math? {because that is Benjamin's answer. ha!}
When he grows up, he wants to be: a ninja

I love this picture of Andrew! Such a true picture of this boy!
A favorite skill: touching his nose with his tongue!

A few pictures of my big boys together!!! I love days with Benjamin and Andrew and I'm pretty sad that school has started. Even on hard days, I like that we are together.  I like being the main influence in their lives during the formative years of their childhood.  A schedule and structure will be nice, but I would rather hang out with these guys than send them to school! :)

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mama cindy said...

I can completely understand why you'd want to spend all your time with them.....they are so cute!!! Hope they both that an outstanding year!!!!